Indie Soul Journeys is a music docu-series devoted to the inspirational and personal stories of independent R&B/soul artists.  It is a fresh, triumphant docu-series by three Chicago-based storytellers profiling artists who overcame extraordinary adversity in pursuit of their vision.

From bitter childhoods and broken marriages to unfulfilled promises and soul-deep betrayals, these survivors prevailed to share inspiring life lessons with a captivated urban audience.

Through intimate, “how I got over” testimonials, voyeuristic tales, and heart-pounding music, Indie Soul Journeys answers the people’s call by sharing aspirational tales of risk-taking mavericks who dared—despite sabotaging fears and crushing trials—to live out their wildest dreams.

The show combines a revealing memoir approach with live performances, archival footage, and candid, on-camera interviews. The result is a warm, personal, provocative and modern program for all to see.

"Soul music fans have been anxiously awaiting the upcoming series Indie Soul Journeys."